Professor Ossum Wonder Show

ossumwondershowlogoIgnatius Mackenzie Ossum (“I. M.” Ossum) is a modern-day renaissance man: part scientist (but not “mad” about it), part magician, part showman, part curator of the curious and all fun! Taking scientist and author Arthur C. Clark at his word when he wrote “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” Ossum and his Wonder Show cast of characters explore the overlapping worlds of science and magic with Ossum acting as the tour guide to a journey of the impossible. Along the way, assistants help with the “mag-experiments” and learn what is truly possible.

Andrew Pinard—the award-winning performer, popular theatre artist and favorite throughout New England and beyond—brings magic and science to audiences in a thoroughly engaging way as he portrays the wacky Professor Ossum. Audiences will be engaged, entertained and educated at the same time they are laughing in the aisles, thinking about the “physics behind the tricks” and going home to share the science behind the magic.

This performance is available in both one-man bag show and multiple cast, multi-act theatrical performances.