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We recently brought to Boston 40 suppliers from 9 different countries for a day long  meeting. To introduce some fun into a reception and dinner, we invited Andrew to perform. He was a huge hit—no matter the nationality or language, Andrew caused them to smile and laugh as he mystified them with his hand magic during the reception and then delighted them with his magic show after dinner. When we have this meeting again next year, I suspect they will all want to know if Andrew is also coming back . . . and he is.Bob Dixon, Group Manager, Boston-based Fortune 500 Company

Thank you for the superb performance for the faculty, staff, graduate students and family members of the Center for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences at Dartmouth Medical School. Your presence and performance made the annual Christmas party a huge success. Not only were the children enthralled by your conjuring but so were the skeptical clinician-scientists in the audience. . . We look forward to your performance next year. I know there are quite a number of anxious volunteers awaiting the opportunity to be your assistant.—Vin Fusca, Operations Director, Center for the Evaluative and Clinical Sciences at Dartmouth

. . . thank you for the great show you put on for us . . . . We had a really good time and found your “Up Close [& Magical]” show fabulous. We have had “magicians” at our functions in the past, but . . . your show was unique and very entertaining. . . . You were a great addition . . . we would all recommend your show to anyone. Thanks again for a great evening.—Rosanne Geer, QuadTech, Inc.

. . . thank you for performing at our summer outing . . . we thought your performance was top quality. The audience truly enjoyed both your magical talent and the humorous way in which it was presented. . . . we received many compliments on the hiring of you as entertainment at the outing. One long-time employee remarked: “I thought he was terrific!! And as I am sure I told you – I like neither magicians nor stand-up comedians.” You certainly won her, and anyone else who was a skeptic, over. Everyone seemed to enjoy the way you kept the whole crowd involved. . . . Your performance definitely exceeded our expectations both in the skill level you possessed as a magician and in the way you worked with the audience. You kept us laughing and also interested in what was going to happen next. You are an impressive illusionist and we really enjoyed how your comedy act seemed to be geared towards the audience. You had a tough crowd to please and succeeded effortlessly at doing so. We will certainly keep you in mind for entertaining our folks at future outings. Thank you again for a great show.—Andréa K. Johnstone, Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell

This year, we decided to try a new angle at a trade show . . . . Bringing on Andrew Pinard was the best thing we could have done. His experience and expertise in this field were the guiding force as we trudged through uncharted waters. He was there from start to finish—helping us brainstorm and asking all the right questions. Andrew’s knowledge and professionalism were just what we needed to enable us to come up with a solid plan for the show. . . . His performances were all tied in to our business and what we do. Having custom-designed magic for our company was more than we ever expected. The performances allowed our staff more time to speak directly with potential customers and explore leads. Not only did we increase traffic, but visitors actually left with more knowledge of what we do and how we could help them. We even had some repeat visitors from years prior tell us how impressed they were with the performance and actually learned more about our services. Andrew really took our booth and our presence at the show to the next level and showed us what we are capable of. . . .Thanks for everything Andrew, we look forward to working with you again in the future.—Keri Vitagliano, Manager, Papergraphics

Your ability to adapt your schedule and performance on such short notice for our company picnic was invaluable. Your “Up Close & Magical” act was nothing short of FANTASTIC! You even mesmerized the skeptics! Our staff and guests continue to comment that you were a wonderful surprise and very entertaining. Thank you for making our day an event that will be remembered by all.—Cammy K. Artus, CEA, United Underwriters, Inc.

Congrats on the honor from NH Magazine and may I say it is VERY well deserved.
. . . Your charisma and charm is contagious and your tricks are truly amazing to see. Thanks for all you do. It’s really a joy to watch you perform!—
MaryEllen Stafford, American Express Financial Advisors

Thank you so much for an outstanding performance last evening. The show was highly interactive, comical and highly skilled. . . . left many people in awe . . . Your ability to . . . establish rapport with the crowd in a magical instant was remarkable—very down to earth with an ability to communicate with all. . . . the show was just the shot in the arm they needed. . . . Very uplifting . . .—Brenda Tecce, Assistant Vice President, Banknorth

Thank you so much for the wonderful magic show at our P.E.O. convention . . . We heard nothing but raves from everyone!—Linda Powell, Past President, P.E.O. International, New England Chapter

[We] heard such wonderful things from our employees about your performance. You kept people amazed and wanting more. Even with your close contact with our employees, people walked away shaking their heads. It was so nice to have such a treat for the adults. Even with our older crowd, we felt like small kids being amazed. . . . Keep up the magic!—Laura Bayko, Codman Group

Thank you for your wonderful performance for our staff and family members. . . . Many people commented on how much they enjoyed your performance. You have a natural way of engaging people, and making them a part of the show. . . . Your show gives people the opportunity to rekindle that sense of wonder we all had as children.—Richard L. Ingram, Neighborhood Health Center for Greater Nashua, Inc.

I’m finally getting a minute to write you in thanks for entertaining our guests during our 30th anniversary party here at Eichenauer USA. … Everyone spoke highly of the fun and laughter you brought to the event, Our directors and owners were as enchanted as the youngest guests … The day of the event, so many little tasks to tick through, looking up to see you surrounded by the executive crew, I happily realized the benefit of having an experienced, professional entertainer working the crowd. … your presentation had everyone enraptured … attendees had only positive things to say about the performance. They continued talking about your performance well into the following week! We feel you did a fabulous job and everyone fully enjoyed the day with their families. We thank you for bringing us a delightful afternoon of magic!! We highly recommend you for any event. Bravo!!—Patty Fazio, Logistics Manager, Eichenauer USA

I want to thank you for the wonderfully entertaining evening you treated us to at our company’s corporate dinner held at Castle in the Clouds. … We were amazed that you took the time to learn about our high-tech products and our multi-national guests in preparation for the show; and you hit exactly the right note in relating to our event. Your strolling show before dinner was perfectly paced and appealed to everyone, especially the guests who spoke little English. The “Up Close & Magical” show was a perfectly tailored blend of high-tech “geek” humor, stunning magic, and great audience participation that our company still talks about. We also appreciated that you effortlessly emceed the whole evening, setting the tone and creating a comfortable atmosphere. … We completely enjoyed your fun and intelligent performance, and were thoroughly impressed by the personalized program you put together for our company. Thank you so much for creating such a memorable evening!—Cammy Nolin, BittWare

Our employees were thrilled with your performance . . . Some of the comments I’ve heard in the office this week include: “Mr. Pinard’s skill level is extremely high.”
“. . . so enjoyable to watch. He was really working the crowd, and they were loving it!”
“. . . demeanor was quite appropriate for our group. He knew how far he could go, and never once went over the edge . . .”
Thanks again!
—Deb Martone, MCT Telecom

Thank you so much for entertaining the volunteers—you were the hit of the dinner! Everyone was impressed with your magic skills and your friendly delivery.
I know that you made an extra effort to be at our event and we truly appreciate it!
—Karla Roth, Director of Volunteer Services, Concord Hospital

Andrew listened carefully to our needs and creatively developed the required elements to satisfy our customer’s needs. . . . Andrew’s thorough and meticulous work on this project helped create a program that successfully introduced Sanders’ employees to the team building process.—Ronald Allbach, Sanders—A Lockheed Martin Co.

Just a quick note to thank you for your wonderful performance . . . [Our client’s]comments were glowing, you were the “best entertainment” they’ve ever had!—Mary Chaisson, New Hampshire Theatre Project



Andrew Pinard’s magic show was a great addition to our Christmas Break activities here at Loon Mountain.  His show was not only a great magic show but it was funny and interactive.  He had the kids laughing and dumbfounded with his “sleight-of-hand” tricks as well as the kid’s parents.  His magic show is well worth adding to your events list whether it is for children or adults.  I got great feed back from the guests and other Loon employees and we are looking to get him back here to Loon Mountain in the future.  From myself and the rest of the Loon staff, thank you Andrew.—Jordan Yanni, Loon Mountain Event Coordinator

Many types of performers have approached us to perform in our restaurants, but Andrew is the only entertainment we have ever hired. . . . Andrew’s tremendous talent has proven to be an asset to the restaurant . . . His performance is engaging . . . a real hands-on experience . . . people feel like they are part of the magic and guests return with friends to experience the magic again. . . . We highly recommend Andrew as an entertainer . . .—Newick’s Management Team, Newick’s Seafood Restaurant

No matter if you’re standing in front or behind him, he’ll perform a vast collection of up close and unique illusions that I defy you to figure out. Andrew . . . a master of his craft . . .—Peter K. Metsch, Pres., The Waterfront at Newbury Harbor

Your performance . . . was, to borrow a phrase, absolutely magical! You had your audience in your hands throughout the performance. . . . In short, you were perfect. Your blend of magic and humor and your obvious affection . . . and joy in what you do were wonderful!—Phyllis and Arnold Katz

. . . we were treated to . . . a dramatic sequence. Andrew’s seance is a self-contained group experience in which the abilities of the performer . . . engage the emotions of the audience through solid acting and other theatrical techniques . . .—Alan Wassilak, Society of American Magicians Assembly #9



Within moments of stepping before our congregation you had the rapt attention of every one of the more than 200 adults and children in our sanctuary.  Your ability to weave together a seamless presentation of thought-provoking ideas, audience-engaging tricks, and astounding magic helped set the stage perfectly for the rest of our Sunday morning service.  Your professionalism combined with your willingness and ability to tailor your presentation to the theme of our service (“The Illusion of Free Will”) made it a true pleasure to work with you.  I highly recommend you to anyone considering your services. They will not be disappointed.Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Concord, NH



Unadilla Valley Central School hosted magician Andrew Pinard this past May [2008], and it was a rousing success! Our students are still talking about magic, and our librarian mentioned that there was subsequent rush on any books on the topic!  Not only did Mr. Pinard perform for two school assemblies and an evening community event, but he took the time to do some ‘hands on’ magic tricks in between venues for some of our curious students. The performance was booked as a shared venue between our school and our local Art Forum, and the board members for the Art Forum were very impressed and enthused with the results.  Andrew is extremely professional, and has a tremendous rapport with students and adults alike.  It was definitely one of our most successful endeavors here at Unadilla Valley! I personally participated in one of the magic tricks and I still have adults asking me how we pulled it off….magic transcends age, and young and old alike are still enthralled by the craft, and Andrew Pinard is one of the most proficient in the art!—Ronnie Wadsworth, Director of Community Schools @ Unadilla Valley Central School, New Berlin, NY

Our students were focused and really into the show. Andrew did a fantastic job reading the audience and playing/performing to their attention span. (They very much appreciated when students were intrigued by something that popped up out of your case, you recognized the children were curious about that item and used it right away as opposed until a time later in the performance when you had perhaps planned to use it). Andrew was very funny and age appropriate for our 3-6 year old students. Our students and staff loved the vast amount of audience participation; we look forward to Andrew’s return to our school next year.—Christy Whipple, Director, Newport Montessori School



Amazing & highly entertaining!!!! Andrew Pinard is one of the best on-stage performers & magicians I have ever seen, plain and simple.  He has an uncanny ability to connect with children, teens and even the adults with his sense of humor!  Over the years I have seen a number of performers including other magicians and Andrew is in a league of his own.  He is very good at reading his audience and knows exactly what to perform and when to perform it.  He is a true professional at his craft! Andrew Pinard is, and will continue to be, my go to magician!—Jim Sullivan, Assistant Director of Recreation, Town of Winchester, MA

We had the distinct pleasure of enjoying the performance by Andrew Pinard of Absolutely Magic at our Winterfest event this past January [2012]. Andrew delivered everything we hoped for by captivating the audience full of children and adults and keeping them thoroughly engaged throughout his show. The children were so enthralled that they continued creeping closer and closer to him until they were nearly at his feet watching his tricks! . . . Shelburne Parks and Recreation Department and Committee members were all thrilled with his performance and extremely pleased that he was easy to work with. Andrew was flexible and professional when we had to make a last minute venue and event change due to weather, but he accommodated our changes kindly and helped to make the event a success. . . .  We highly recommend Andrew Pinard for his fun and magical entertainment!—Betsy Cieplicki, Director, Shelburne Parks and Recreation &  Peggy Coutu, Chair, Shelburne Recreation Committee

Another indubitable hit, Andrew Pinard, Magician extraordinaire. Wow. Wow. Wow. He was good. Kids just adored him. Great act. … We should support him. As good as acts you see on TV!—Anura Guruge, web review of a First Night performance



If you want to be amazed, baffled, flummoxed and entertained, and want to laugh so hard your sides will ache, you’ll be enchanted by Andrew Pinard’s Alejandro’s Olde Tyme Magik Showe. Appropriate for children of all ages, Andrew Pinard, master of professional sleight-of-hand and visual artist of illusion will mystify you with his adroitness of deception and dexterity. Engaging his audience in a variety of strategies and unpredictable outcomes, he will perform magic tricks with humor, playfulness and whimsy. A magician extraordinaire, don’t miss Andrew Pinard and his Olde Tyme Magik Showe.—Carol MacDonald, Friends of the Wilmot Public Library

I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful presentation of “Alejandro’s Olde Tyme Magik Showe” here at the Leach Library on December 10. We still have patrons coming in and commenting on how much fun they had. I thought you did an amazing job of keeping the show moving along so that the little ones didn’t loose interest, but still managed to keep the older kids, and parents, engaged, not always an easy feat! Best of all, I can’t keep my magic books on the shelf!—Jennifer DelVillar, Sr. Children’s Librarian, Leach Library, Londonderry, NH

On Saturday, January 14, 2012 the Franklin Public Library in Franklin, New Hampshire was pleased to host a performance by Andrew Pinard and his “Alejandro’s Olde Tyme Magik Showe”. A great time was had by the audience—we were amazed by the tricks Andrew performed. We also laughed a lot! Andrew is an excellent magician and very funny, with a quick mind able to “riff” off any thing that happens during the show. His audience rapport is first rate. … I would rate this performance as excellent and believe the audience would agree. We had all ages in attendance, from children to seniors. After the show and later in the week I was told how fun and creative the performance was. Andrew is a very well-trained magician who is clearly interested in the history of his craft and learning new techniques. He was excited about his performance and passed this on the audience. I would definitely hire him again and recommend him to others.—Rachel Stolworthy, Children’s Librarian, Franklin Public Library, Franklin, NH

Andrew’s show was a great fit for our Town and Summer Reading Program. Reliable sources have told us that the kids at the beach the next day couldn’t stop talking about ‘Alejandro’s Olde Tyme Magik Showe.’ Andrew has a fantastic way of being humorous in ways that hit the funny bones of both adults and young children. And of course, his abilities as a magician are first-rate. We will surely keep him in mind for future events.—Cab Vinton, Director, Sanbornton Public Library, Sanbornton, NH

Andrew Pinard can keep a young restless crowd and their parents entertained for an hour or more with his wonderful stage presence and zany humor. Excellent is the only way to rate Andrew in effectiveness, quality, and availability in promotion material organization of pre-performance, detail and cooperation. Andrew is a very talented magician and extraordinarily fine entertainer. He showed his professional side but maintained a humorous good nature, bantering with the crowd, even the very young. Andrew showed his fun side in his ability to blend into the pre-show activities teasing the audience and going along with all activities as if it was rehearsed. Andrew Pinard is extraordinary and a real class act. A perfect opening for any Summer Reading Program!—Kathy Inez, Berlin Public Library, Berlin



. . . an impressive ability with sleight-of-hand technique.—New Hampshire State Council on the Arts

Andrew Pinard turns a night out into something magical . . . When performing, he is part actor, part storyteller, part comic and consummate magician. Pinard . . . combines magic with integrity and a sense of theater. Pinard seeks to meet a higher standard, a standard that includes the unique relationship with the audience, the storytelling, and, perhaps lastly, the tricks.—Victoria Shouldis, Concord Monitor

Pinard . . . puts his theater and acting skills to work as he takes his audiences with him on a journey of discovery.—Kathryn Koch, The Argus-Champion

 . . . a striding magician . . . nothing aimless as he moves quickly and purposefully . . . armed only with the most basic of props . . . prestidigitation distilled to its purest form.—Camela Zarcone, The Sunday Telegraph

Editor’s Choice: The Very Best of New Hampshire . . . Magical Entertainer Andrew Pinard does astounding close-up magic for events and private parties.—Editors, New Hampshire Magazine

. . . taking adults on a magical journey . . . Pinard convinces his audience that magic is alive and realistic . . . his audience(s) are stunned by the realism of the magic.—Michael Martinelli, The Bow Times

. . . a magician with a comedic flair . . . with his music and theater background, he continues to explore the boundaries of magical entertainment. [An Evening with the Spirits] blends acting, magician skills, chronicles of the paranormal and illusion into a compelling alternative to fashionable murder-mystery stagings.—Laura Pope, New Hampshire Sunday News