Perceptions & Reality

Avoiding “Missed” Perceptions

Using his trademark "Perception Shifters," Andrew J. Pinard works with groups to expand team communication and creative development.Perceptions play an important part in how we communicate and respond with each other. What we perceive is all about interpretation. When we are children, knowledge is gained through first-hand experience. Our five senses feed us raw data that is then filtered as our experiences which shape our knowledge of how the world works. With enough repetition, the interpretation becomes knowledge. As we grow, we realize that we lack the time to experience everything first-hand and we are taught to learn facts about things we will never see or experience. They do not truly seem to exist until they are experienced, and often if experienced but once retreat to the intangibility of dreams.

Magic is about perceiving something that does not—cannot—exist. A fine performance of magic sends our senses reeling, pulls the rug of reality out from under us, and leaves us gasping for breath. In order for audiences to experience this moment of wonder, the magician engineers our very perceptions to allow us to experience his art and help us to see the world as a place of infinite possibilities.

Enter award-winning sleight-of-hand artist Andrew J. Pinard. Through his studies of the psychology of deception and perception, and his twelve years of experience performing throughout the United States and Europe, he has discovered some fascinating insights about perception that everyone can apply to their lives. These observations can enhance not only your interpersonal and teamwork skills but provide a strategy for achieving results in your life previously thought unattainable.

A hands-on learning experience, the "Perception Shifters" slide show ensures that creative challenges can be seen and understood in the largest spaces.Perceptions and Reality: Avoiding “Missed” Perceptions is an entertaining blend of performance and presentation that illustrates the importance of positive perception in our lives. Several types of performances are available, from stand-up performances for large groups to intimate workshop settings with breakout sessions to one-on-one coaching. Perception Shifters(tm) challenge workshop attendees through creative and team-building problems and help to enhance communication skills, as well as, develop creative problem-solving skills. Custom presentations to fit your business needs are also available.